Training the mind to exist in the present moment through meditation coaching.



Meditation Coaching • Mental Strength Training • Consciousness Practices


Meditation Offerings

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Private Meditation Coaching

When embarking on learning a new skill, it can be helpful to have a coach establish a foundation and a system of accountability. Brandon works with students to co-personalize a meditation practice and set up a system for regular practice.

Group Meditation Classes

For students of any level, from beginners to advanced practitioners. The classes serve as a hub for you to practice consistently on a weekly basis, or as a reinforcement (or just time to relax!) on a drop-in basis as you wish.

Workshops, Events & Retreats

We often hold one-time meditation events, workshops & series, and day/weekend long retreats. These usually take place at other establishments outside of the studio. Check out our monthly calendar to see what we have coming up!

Let's get meditating.

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