Wednesday Evenings @ 7-8:30pm

Evening Meditation & Tea


7:00-7:40pm - Guided Meditation & Journaling

We will take part in two 5-minute journaling sessions (before and after the meditation) to check in with yourself. I will lead a 30-minute guided meditation that will walk you through breath work, mantras, distancing from thought, gratitude, and more.

7:40-7:50pm - Partner & Group Discussion

We will break up into partners or small groups to discuss what came up during our meditation. If you choose not to disclose details about your meditation, you can just simply chat with your fellow group members.

7:50-8:00pm - Meditation Topic Talk

I will give a short talk on a different meditation-focused topic (e.g., creating a personal meditation space).

8:00-8:30pm - Tea & Fruit

After each class, you will have the opportunity to enjoy tea and fruit amongst your fellow meditators. I bring both the tea and the fruit, and we brew the tea once class has finished at 8pm. The tea is purchased from Intu Tea @ The Eastern Market. Mary, the owner of Intu Tea, blends some of the best looseleaf teas I have ever tasted.