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Group Meditation Classes: Meditation & Tea

Meditation & Tea is intended for students of any level, from beginners to advanced practitioners. The classes serve as a hub for you to practice consistently on a weekly basis, or as a reinforcement (or just time to relax!) on a drop-in basis as you wish. This first hour is comprised of journaling and guided meditation and transitions into the last half hour of tea, group discussion, and Q & A. The Evening Meditation & Tea, on Wednesday evenings, specifically focuses on winding down and relaxing as the end of the day nears. The Morning Meditation & Tea, on Sunday mornings, focuses on energizing and setting intention for the week ahead. Loose leaf tea is provided by Intu Tea and is brewed at the end of each class. Seat reservations must be made in advance in order to attend each class.


Private Meditation Coaching

When beginning any practice for the first time, is can be extremely useful to have a coach establish a foundation and a system of accountability. The Private Coaching sessions serve as both reinforcements and opportunities to experiment with new techniques & tools. Perhaps you are an experienced meditator, but you would like a setting to reestablish consistency and find inspiration for new techniques. I am happy to work with beginners and experienced folks, alike. Throughout the course of working together, we will focus on tools such as pre- and post-meditation journaling exercises, developing a mantra, finding a middle ground with thoughts, cultivating gratitude, and more. The sessions are continually adjusted as necessary for the personalization of each student. Private Meditation Coaching is offered to both children and adults.

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Workshops, Events, and Retreats

We lead multi-week meditation workshops & series, one-time meditation events & presentations, and day-long & weekend meditation retreats. We are happy to work with businesses, organizations, schools, religious congregations, and more. We also love partnering with other wellness professionals, such as yoga teachers, art therapists, personal trainers, and more to put together multifaceted experiences.

Where We've Meditated & Presented At:

Franklin Athletic Club • AIM High School • MVMNT Ann Arbor  •On My Own of Michigan

Lululemon Ann Arbor • Temple Israel • Temple Shir Shalom • Warrior Moms Pajama Party

Hofstra University • University of Michigan •Stern College @ Yeshiva University