Experiences With Our Meditation

Mystic Sadhguru said, ‘The world outside is a reflection of the human mind.’ Brandon is a wise mind, gentle soul who teaches how to keep the mind’s inner landscape peaceful through meditation and counsel. Brandon contributes to world peace one mind at a time.
— Ginger B. Wiechers, Executive Director of S.O.U.L.

After traveling, working and meditating with Brandon, I became close to a very unique person with an amazing outlook on living a healthy life in our society today. Brandon has showed me how people can improve their lives with guidance and spiritual awareness.
— Alon Rockowitz

Brandon led me through a private guided meditation. He is compassionate and spiritual in his practice. It was a peaceful and relaxing experience and I am confident that with Brandon’s guidance, I will be able to use this as a method to focus my mind and alleviate daily stress and anxiety.
— Teri Rosenzweig