Hello current & future meditators! I'm Brandon, founder of WiseMindGentleSoul.

I first found meditation about five years ago during a class at the University of Michigan. The instructor, Dr. Martha Travers was teaching a course on contemplative practices, specifically how journaling and sitting meditation can be used in a regular practice.

To this point, I had lived a life full of anxiety and other diagnoses as well as treatments such as psychiatric medications and therapy.

The practice of meditation was one of the first methods that gave me a sense of internal peace without any side effects. This is not to say that the practice was instantly easy for me - it still is difficult from time to time.

I knew, though, that this practice had unlocked a door to further self-reflection and realization that I had not yet encountered.


I am extremely passionate about providing step-by-step and personalized meditation plans for individuals looking to begin and maintain their meditation practice.

It is my goal to take the paralysis of the “how” out of starting a meditation practice and provide a means and space to cultivate and reinforce the practice.

If someone were to ask me what WMGS meditations are all about, I would say, “We are building the mental muscles necessary to create a new relationship with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.”

My goal isn’t just to have you relaxed during meditations (sometimes you will be relaxed, and sometimes you may be more restless); it is to establish a method for seeing thoughts and feelings as they really are - fleeting impulses.

private meditation coaching

Craft, fine-tune, and reinforce your personal meditation practice in a 1-on-1 setting with Brandon.

group meditation classes

Join Brandon at the WMGS studio to begin and return to your personal meditation practice alongside fellow meditators.

workshops + presentations

Brandon leads immersive meditation experiences ranging from one-time lectures and presentations to multi-week meditation workshops.














Recent clients & programs:

- 8-Week Introduction to Meditation workshop at Franklin Athletic Club.

- Spin-i-tate at MVMNT Ann Arbor (spinning & meditation class)

- Meditation Month @ Temple Shir Shalom (three 7-minute meditations throughout their Friday night services)



University Lectures:

- Presented on meditation and progressive muscle relaxation for Dr. Sarah Novak’s undergraduate Social Psychology course at Hofstra University.

- Presented on meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and body scans for Dr. Robin Freyburg’s Emotion Regulation course at Stern College @ Yeshiva University.

- Presented on meditation and consciousness in organizations for Dr. Stephen Garcia’s Inside Organizations class at the University of Michigan.

- Spoke about how to lead meditation sessions for small groups to a group of students who are a part of Wolverine Support Network, a student organization at the University of Michigan that focuses on supporting students’ mental health and well-being.